Is the BBC's "Waiting For God" coming to DVD?

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Dan Hitchman, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. Dan Hitchman

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    On my local PBS they sometimes air a smattering of re-runs from this unique (IMHO) British farce about a couple of old cantancerous coots in a retirement community battling their smarmy, scheming (and very, very cheap) manager Harvey Baines & his sloberingly faithful sidekick Jane (who wants Harvey more than he'll ever know), but in no particular order and I don't think all of them have ever been aired.

    It ranges from amusing to outright hysterical (with various levels of physical and outrageous comedy when it really gets going) as time after time they thwart the dastardly plans of Baines and assorted self centered & daffy relatives who have a stake in Baines' illegal money making successes (even at the expense of their elderly residents). It also deals with the issues of growing old and feelings of general uselessness, in an interesting and charming way.

    The two lead characters, Diana Trent and Tom Ballard, are played by veterans of the British stage, movies, and TV, as are a few other side characters.

    Anyone have a possible time frame for when complete sets will be released?

    I find it over all consistently funnier than Are You Being Served? yet there's no sign of this show that I can find.

    "Jane... you're touching me!"
  2. Mark Lx

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    Oddly enough, I don't even see a R2 DVD on UK amazon for this show.
    Yes, it's a very funny show with great acting from the leads. I've got 15 to 20 episodes that I taped years ago off cable. I'd like to see DVDs of WFG and "One Foot in the Grave" (in R1). If they are BBC stuff, they'll cost a fortune, but oh well.
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    Andy Budgell
    I would love to get this show on DVD! It's really funny!! C'mon BBC! Btw, does anyone know why the BBC charges so much for their shows??


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