is Progessive Scan suppose to have scan lines???

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    I have 62inch Sony Projective TV KP-61HS30 (not widescreen) with HDTV and Sony DVD player DVP-NC655P (with progressive)

    I enabled the progressive on both TV and DVD player, but how come i see there are lines on tv?? I thought it not suppose to show lines.. What should i do?? The progressive indicator on DVD player is light ON. And I'm using Monster Component Video 3. (expensive one) Plug the right cables.

    I did enabled progressive on everything. but i still see lines when i look closer to TV. Interlaced does not have lines.

    i read the manual of TV, it said that progressive is for still images only?? I thought it was for movies too. so is progressive NOT for movies???

    is it something wrong with my TV or DVD player??

    by the way... when i turn on the Progressive on my TV to watch the regular cable tv (not dvd movies), it does show the lines when Progressive or CineMotion is selected. Interlaced is fine when watchin cable TV..
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    I can't explain why you find the picture using interlaced input smoother compared with progressive scan input.
    If the scan lines drawn on the picture tubes are skinny enough, you will see the scan lines even in progressive scan operation.
    The vast majority of progressive scan (and HDTV) TV sets nowadays draw the scan lines on the picture tubes the same way regardless of whether you feed in interlaced or progressive program material. The TV converts all incoming interlaced material to progressive. So comparing "interlaced" input with "progressive" input, what you are seeing is the quality of the progressive feed out of the DVD player (player de-interlacing) compared with the TV's ability to convert the interlaced feed to progressive (TV built in de-interlacer).
    The TV may or may not stagger every other incoming progressive scan video frame up or down slightly. If the TV does not do such staggering, your "seeing scan lines" will be more pronounced.
    Progressive scan itself is good for movies. I am guessing that the choices "progressive" and "cinemotion" on your TV cause the behavior of the TV built in de-interlacer to vary slightly, exactly how I don't know. {Perhaps cinemotion optimizes the progressive scan conversion to match the 3-2-3-2 repeat pattern, or 3-2 pulldown, of 24 frame per second movies on video.) What you see on the screen, I also guess, is still progressive scan.
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