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Is my Denon receiver broken?! Help! (1 Viewer)

Stephen Gladwin

Stunt Coordinator
May 19, 2005
SIGH. I just spent all day setting up my 5.1 home theater and it looks like my denon AVR-1705 is glitching out! Whenever I watch a movie in any surround mode that uses the surround speakers (like the Pro Logic IIx mode or 5 channel stereo mode) the receiver turns off and the on and off light blinks. It seems like the receiver thinks it is overheating or something. I have it at around -8 volume, which was working fine in my old house. Now however it lasts no longer than 3 minutes. I have already checked and rehooked up the cables for my surrounds and the polarity is correct. Also, the receiver is cool to the touch. Finally, it seems to work fine in stereo mode where the surrounds are not used. I have also switched to digital coax to optical and back and it still shuts off. Could it still be my speakers? They are all 8 ohm JBL Northridge speakers that were working previously as far as I know. Could it be any other components like my DVD player? I have also tried unplugging the receiver from my surge protector and using the wall socket directly, all to no avail.

WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? I really, really hope this can be fixed. I really can not afford a new receiver:frowning: Thanks for any help.

****UPDATE! OK, I just popped in the Avia HT setup DVD and ran the 5.1 speaker identification test. Whenever it tested the volume level of the surrounds, the receiver shut off like clockwork. BUT, it only shut off at certain volumes (anything louder than -18) and only when it hit the right surround (the left surround, at any volume level, didn't make the receiver shut off). This makes no sense to me. This has never happened before and like I said before I regularly played my HT with this receiver at as high a volume as -8 with NO problems (receiver was still cool to the touch too). So it seems to me somehow the receiver's brains got scrambled and it thinks it's overheating when it clearly isn't. Am I right? It couldn't be my speakers right -- they sound as clear as ever with no sound of distortion whatsoever.

****SECOND UPDATE! Ok, now things are officially getting strange! Now I can't even turn the stupid receiver on! Whenever I plug it in (either into my 4320 Joule-rated surge protector or directly into a wall socket), the plug makes a faint static click (sometimes accompanied by a visible jumping spark) and then it just never turns on. Seems to me like the problem lies in a blown circuit in the receiver and thus the receiver can't handle power correctly, thus it fools itself into thinking it's overheating. Then again, I'd still love to hear you guys' input on this. Gee, I really hope this isn't some kind of "surge" and my speakers are fried! Thanks!

Chu Gai

Senior HTF Member
Jun 29, 2001
Disconnect all the speaker wires going to the receiver and see if the problem persists. If you're running bare wires there's a possibility you've got a stray shorting things out.

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