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Mark KU

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Feb 2, 2001
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I'm currently running an Onkyo 575, Onkyo mains (3 way with 10" woofer), Infinity CC-1 Center, and DCM OW-1 surrounds. I also have an Audiosource SW-15 15" sub. Not real good, but got it cheap. (very mix and match system, I was in college!) The rest of the system is a Sony 61V85 61" TV and a Toshiba 3109 DVD player. The system is 90/10 split between TV/movies and music.
I'm looking to upgrade the mains and center. Am looking at a couple different options.
Pinnacle Classic Gold Tower and Gold Center
Def Tech 200X and CLR Center
NHT 2.9 and NHT center
Mirage OM-8 and C2 center
Paradigm Studio 100 and center
PSB 7PT and center
Basically, I'm wondering if my Onkyo 575 has enough power for these or if I'm going to have to look for a newer receiver (denon/outlaw?), or if I should look at moving to preamp/seperates. Now that I can afford good stuff, I'm kind of lost with all the options. Any ideas?

Chad Isaacs

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Feb 20, 2000
Have any intrest in klipsch?I have klipsch synergy speakers(sf-2,sc-1 and sb-1) mated with the same reciever.
Klipsch are very efficent so the power of the onkyo is plenty.Infact,the play louder with less power then my small infinity hts10 speakers did.The sf-2 have dual 6 1/2 drivers,the horn tweeter and are about 3'tall.The sc-1 has dual 5 1/4 drivers and the sb-1's have single 5 1/4 drivers(I use those for rears,sc-i is the center and sf-2 are the mains)
I use a svs to round it all out.The onkyo/klipsch/svs make for a very enjoyable movie experience


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Nov 28, 1999
A couple of your speaker choices, maybe all, would really benefit from separate amps. Have you thought about buying a 2 or 3 channel amp, and using your receiver's pre-amp outputs? This way, the receiver's amps are "better" since the power supply is only running 2-3 versus 5, you get the benefits of an upgraded amp on your main 2 (or 3), and you are well on your way to full separates without the major all at once investment.
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