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Is it too early for me to be worried that "Holes" will be fool screen only? (1 Viewer)

Nick Graham

Oct 16, 2001
I had no desire whatsoever to see "Holes", but my 17 year old brother has held it near and dear to him since he read the book in junior high, and having nothing else I really wanted to see, I decided to get dragged along.

I was expecting a crap kiddie flick based on the trailer, but what a surprise! It is legit one of the best films of the year, and is by no means a "kiddie" movie. Now my only worry is this (and I may be getting a little paranoid), is there any chance Disney is gonna make this full screen only once it hits DVD? From the box office take this weekend it looks like it's gonna be a decent hit, but then again so was "Snow Dogs" (which I have never seen, nor do I plan to), so I am afraid that it will suffer the same fate as that sleeper hit. With the recent screwiness with "The Recruit" and the aforementioned "Snow Dogs", I am already worried that "Holes" will not find itself in my collection.

Thomas T

Senior HTF Member
Sep 30, 2001
Yes, it's too early to worry. Holes has all the makings of a sleeper hit (much bigger than Snow Dogs ever was) and a cult classic. If the buzz and the box office grosses continue to grow, I would expect a full blown special edition of the movie in OAR, no doubt with a full screen edition for those who want it.


Supporting Actor
Aug 8, 2000
I thought Tuck Everlasting (no I did not see it by the way and just like Snow Dogs I plan not to) would be fullscreen only but it was actually widescreen only and 2.35:1 nonetheless. Also look at the Spy Kids films, if anything I would have expected them to be as fullscreen only as well but they are not. If Holes is widescreen on DVD, which I'm sure it will be, it will be in my collection on street date:emoji_thumbsup: .


Senior HTF Member
Apr 26, 2000
I don't think it's too early to worry. This title will have to gross a lot to warrant dual releases, and the DVD is likely to go into production soon.

A lot of the talk is that there's appeal for both kids and adults, so hopefully Disney will do a widescreen-only release. The OAR is 1.85:1.

Martin Fontaine

Supporting Actor
Aug 15, 2001
Same here, I liked this movie and didn't feel any kind of "Guilt" in seeing/enjoying a kids movie. I will most likely buy this if and only if it's in Widescreen.

They should do more "Atlantis"-Like releases. 1 version, bare-bones, both AR and 1 version, 2 Disk Set, DTS Track, THX Certified and all...

I especially liked The whole parallel between past and present and the connection with Stanley IV and Zero with his Great-Great Grandpa and that girl he had to carry to the mountain which caused the whole curse.
And there are a few things (Related to what's in the spoiler tag) that I didn't completely get, a few more viewings of the film would be necessary for me.

I sort of related to that movie in the same sense that I related to Country Bears, I just hope I won't have to refuse to buy it for the same reason...

Randy A Salas

Apr 25, 2002
Unlike Snow Dogs, Holes has a big-name director, Andrew Davis (The Fugitive, Under Siege), who is a widescreen advocate. All of his films are widescreen on DVD.

Davis has put more into promoting, marketing and producing Holes than most directors of his stature would. He and author/screenwriter Louis Sachar have personally traveled across the country to talk with the media (rather than have a one-city junket in which the press comes to them), including a recent stop in Minneapolis, to talk up Holes. He has put a lot into this film, including personally bringing in author Sachar to write the script when previous drafts failed to capture the spirit of the book.

I think it's highly unliklely he'd support a full-screen-only release, considering his track record and personal stake.

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