Is it possible to transplant the driver and amp in an underachieving sub?

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    I have a Sound Dynamics ASUB-12 that I am not using. Can I swap out the driver and amp to enhance its capabilities? If so, what driver and amp? The Sound Dynamics sub has a 12-inch driver and a 90-watt amp. Also, can you think of any advantages/disadvantages to doing this?
    Here are some potential replacement items: and this...
    Let me know what you think. Thanks.
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    Possible. Don't know if it's that great of an idea though and there are a bunch of possible problems. Drivers have something called Thiele/Small (sure I spelt that wrong, usually appreviated T/S) specs. Which are a slew of numbers that tell you how a driver will perform when mated with a particular enclosure and amount of power.
    I can't seem to find the ASUB12. Sound Dynamics page doesn't list it and a search with google as the Asub12 show up as Mirage, and I can't find it on their page either.
    The first problem is it will be just about impossible to find out the T/S specs of the driver that came with it. Without those it will be difficult to determine if the specs of the drivers you are considering will be an improvement or not.
    Second, is the enclosure ported or have a passive radiator. Or is it a sealed design. If it is sealed then it is more likely to work. If it is ported then you have to worry about what the port is tuning the enclosure to and whether or not it will be appropriate for the driver you are choosing.
    The VAS on the driver you linked to is fairly high as well. So it requires a larger enclosure to perform well.
    So run down of possible problems. Box is likely too small for that driver whether sealed or ported. If ported the the port will be to small (the port airspeed will be too high and make noise) and it will likely tune the enclosure too high. Also it's doubtfull the plate amp and driver you have choosen will match perfectly with the holes the old ones left (making the square hole bigger isn't a problem, making the round hole bigger is more difficult, and if either are too big you are SOL).
    I kind of rambled here, hope it made some sense and didn't rain too hard on your parade, but if you have access to the tools you might as well sell the old sub and just build an entirely new one. It's a very gratifing experience and can produce incredible results.
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