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    Is it a bad idea to hook up a passive sub-woofer and a powered sub to the same system? I hooked up a Sony SA-WM40 along with my passive Kenwood Sub. The sony is hooked up through the receivers pre-out and my front home theater speakers are running through the kenwood (they are small 4" main 1" tweeter"). It sounds pretty good, but am I just kidding myself. Is it a better idea to just scrap the Kenwood and go with just the Sony?
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    If it sounds good to you, what does it matter what anyone else thinks? If you like it thats all that matters. But if you want to mess around with your setup you want to try unhooking the passive sub and going with just the sony and see if you like it better. It can't hurt to give it a shot.
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    Al, I'm with Dalton, definitely try it both ways and see which YOU like better.
    Although I might add as a sidenote that, REMOVING the passive sub and setting all speakers to "SMALL" and setting receiver to "SUB YES" will relieve some of the load on your amp, possibly resulting in more power available to your mains.
    Using the passive sub, your speakers are set as "LARGE" and then all info is sent to the sub where it extracts the low frequencies and sends along the rest to your mains.
    You may find removing the passive sub will enhance the performance of your mains.
    But try it both ways and see what you like best. Just make sure you set your receiver settings accordingly.
    Al please post your result's as I am now interested, and would like to know what you think is better.
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