is HDTV dead before it started?

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    May 2, 2000
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    I was just reading in Business Week Online: March 2001 that the HDTV promise is dead. We won't have mandated HD programming on all channels in the near future. Granted, this article is six months old, but what is the current status of the future of HDTV?
    I just purchased the Toshiba 42H80 set for mainly DVD viewing, and the hope of future HDTV broadcasts. I am in Canada, so I will be eventually getting an HDTV satellite receiver and dish to pick up the odd programs, but I don't want to pay for the service until more programs rear their heads. What is the likelihood of more shows being broadcast in HD next season?
    I watch only a handful of shows, but of them, only NYPD Blue is broadcast in HD as of now (other shows my wife and I watch are ER, West Wing, X-Files, Dark Angel and general sports). What does the likelihood of these shows being broadcast in the next year look like?
    As I am in Canada, I am almost out of the loop from the general consensus of opinions on HDTV. What is the pulse of the nation right now?
    I am trying to figure out what the future has in store, because all of the sudden I am thinking that HDTV might not become prevalent for many years...and that is a bad thought when I just laid down all this money for the set.
    Any info to sense the pulse would be greatly appreciated. BTW, progressivly scanned anamorphic DVD content is to die for on the set.
    rob michaw
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    I rarely watched major network television programs like dramas, sitcoms, etc. But now I have an HDTV tuner receiving over the air DTV broadcasts, my interest has gone up enormously. And NBC's lame support is crazy, especially since the Tonight Show looks breathtaking. CBS and now ABC are beginning to win followers because their shows in widescreen HD look and sound incredible. This is how the networks can attract and keep viewers which they've been losing to cable channels for years.
    As for whether your TV was a waste of money, as you said, you're loving DVDs on it, so it's providing value, right? Only you can decide how much that's worth to you.
  3. Bill Hollifield

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    I originally posted this: Re: NBC HD on DIsh?
    posted on October 31, 2001 07:30 PM CST (US)
    I submitted the below to stimulate forum discussion and incite opionions. Yes, this would of been the more appropiate forum, so let's go again:
    NBC sucks, Jay Leno in HD is a joke and additionally, who cares; now you can see more of the gook makeup that Leno uses. FOX is on NBC's heels, I have no idea how FOX could innovate news and sports so much and not broadcast the World Series in HD.
    CBS was the reluctant trailblazer; if someone will pay them, they might do it. At least CBS is putting a better foot forward and has broadcast the sport finals in HDTV. The events were great, even better than great. I still drool over the Super Bowl. I have waited almost two years for the STB’s to be released. I enjoyed the Super Bowl and NCAA so much that I did not realize that the normal CBS audio feeds were not on the HDTV feeds. Big deal; the HDTV commentators covered the sport and did not try to dazzle you with their programmed entertainment BS that detracts rather than enhances ones experience. I often wonder if the normal broadcast commentators are really watching the game or reading a computer generated scrip based on a producer interpretation of generating market share. Yes, I am talking about Billy Packer, the want-a-be Howard what’s his name.
    ABC has come on as gangbusters this year; they are at least producing more of their material in HD and not converting it. They have broadcast great material, even before this season. The Hallmark specials were simply dazzling, just like they were in the mid sixties before most people had ever seen or could afford color TV. Then, while there were a few color shows, the news feeds, local and network, were the predominant source color material. Even into the early seventies, there were BW network shows. My question is, how many network news HDTV feeds have you seen?
    I may sound cynical, yet I really appreciate the technology. A full screen HDTV OTA broadcast is impressive; far superior to OAR progressive scan DVD’s with component inputs that so many people on this forum tout the merits of. I understand that they are purists; I respect and share their opinion. Yet, I suggest that if they were more supportive of the general technology that Joe 6-pack buys, we would all reach our mutual goals quicker, at a better price point and the technology would be there for us quicker. Watch the HD commercials, when the sponsors receive a ton of E-mail that bitches about seeing their high priced material with black bars on all four sides; you will see the broadcasters supporting HDTV. The sponsors don’t have a clue; they were sold on the best technology from a marketing perspective, I mean the ad houses and not the consumer. We need to point our respective complaints to the true financers of the technology. It not the FCC or the broadcasters; but us consumers who change channel during commercials!
    I am frequently asked for equipment recommendations from personal and Web contacts. It really amazes me how much money people are willing to spend, and all they just want is reassurances or justifications for their quotes. I offer support and refer them to informative Web sites for learning, owner feedback and pricing caparison. I try to make them informed stakeholders in our mutual goals.
    We as a group can push the technology to the forefront by soliciting the mass-market input. Or, we can continue to entertain ourselves in the cesspool of sharing our beliefs in a mutually exclusive environment.
    Well, I have pissed my family off by spending too much time flaming. You guys throw darts at me and I must go before I miss all of Enterprise which is mastered in HD and broadcast in you guess what.

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