Is bass management control when it comes to hirez music and equipment a red herring.

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    Oct 25, 2002
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    I'd like to see DVD ECT. Magazine address this issue.
    There'a no doubt that the .1 is a viable film tool and that subs support non full range speakers but movies and music (although there is music in movies) are mutually exclusive.

    All the electronics forums are rife with how certain dvd-a/sacd/prepro's handle bass management or Not as if its the missing key to audio nirvana.

    I have over 170 hirez discs and 2 separate mltidisc entry level players which go into a Denon 5800/03 and out to 5 Totem Model 1 speakers and an NHT SUB II and I'd not only like to know where all this bass is but I'd like your magazine to clear away the cob webs.

    With producers like Chesky promoting 6.0 as a concept Which seems to make some sense why has this issue of bass management taken on a life of it's own.

    Peter m.
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    I'm prepping an upcoming column on proper speaker set-ups, etc. and will do what I can to address this question.


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