Is a Shiva EBS with 250w enough for my room?

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  1. ChrisAttebery

    Mar 28, 2002
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    Hey guys,

    I'm building a Shiva EBS sub and I'm getting nervous over whether it will be enough for my room. I have aproximately 5000^3 ft of volume and there is an open doorway to another 5000^3+ room with a vaulted ceiling.

    Currently I have a Denon 1602 w/ 70wpc running a pair of Axiom M22s and VP100. I usually play it no louder than -8 on the volume control. I'd guess that I'm at 85-95dB max. I was planning on using the PE 250w amp with remote. I noticed that MCM has a 350w version of that amp. Should I just go ahead and get the 350w version? Will 100w make that much of a difference?

    BTW, I live in the San Jose, CA area, anyone care to give me a demo of a Shiva, Tempest, or DVC?


    Chris Attebery
  2. jeff lam

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    Jeff Lam
    Probably won't get you reference levels but it should fit the bill since you probably don't listen that loud anyway.

    I sent you an email, I'm local in Santa Clara.

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