Is a Parasound 855A amp much better than the internal amp in a 797?

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    I could probably get a used Parasound 855A for less than or around $500, would it be a great jump in improvement over my current amp in my 797, especially in music. The 797 sounds great in music, but I used to be a stereo only guy, and would like a little more. I don't want to get a 2 ch amp because it was said that my front soundstage may sound awkward, but the reason is that my front towers are 4ohms, and at volumes a little over refrence, the Onkyo does strain sometimes in Direct mode without the sub to relieve it of low frequency challenges. So will it be a big improvement, or am I dreaming at this price? Any other suggestions for a $500 5 channel amp(new or used)?
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    Since I have both a Parasound 855 and the 797 I can say yes without a doubt that the 855 is better. It has more dynamic range and reserve power than the 797's amp section. Imaging is also superior. A good outboard amp is almost always superior to any receiver's amp section. The 855 was also better than the Marantz sr7200 and Sr7000 amp section's when i had owned those receiver's. You would definetly make an improvement in sound quality by adding the 855 or any other decent HT amp to your system.

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