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Is 80 watts/channel enough for my HT(Yamaha RX-V1200)? (1 Viewer)

Christian dds

Mar 27, 2002
I'm debating between the Yamaha RX-V1200 and RX-V2200 receivers and wonder if the 1200's power will be enogh to drive my speakers adequately. My room is 16'x23'x8'. My speaker set up:

Paradigm Studio 60 fronts

Studio CC center front

Studio ADP surrounds

Studio CC back center

PW-2200 Subwoofer

The RX-V1200 is rated 80 watts x 6. Feature wise they are very similar, 20watts less power and a cheaper remote with the 1200. Would the 2200 be worth the price difference in performance? I am currently running them with a H/K AVR 20II with 50 watts to the mains, 30 watts to the center and only 20 watts supplying the surrounds and they all actually sounds pretty good and up to a loudness I really don’t need to exceed. The studio speakers are pretty sensitive (90 to 91 db ratings) so they aren’t real power hungry. This system is for home theater only, we have a second system of separates for our music listening.

Bruce Cadotte

Stunt Coordinator
Dec 21, 2001
in the Sound and Vision review of the 1200 they said with all channels driven the power was only 50 watts per channel look on the back of the units and they say on the back how many watts they really are,i have the 630 in my kids game room which say 75 watt per channel x 6 in the listings which should =450 watts but on the back of the unit it says 290 watts.


Second Unit
Nov 25, 2000
My system:

JBL N26 mains 88db sensitivity

JBL N-ceneter 90db sensitivity

PB12 Subwoofer

Yamaha HTR 5550 rated 75 watt/channel (marking on the back states 210 watt)


16x24 cathedral to 14 feet

This system can run at reference level without any difficulty for HT. No clipping crisp and clear. I watch movies at 10 db below reference (-28db volume setting) and this is outstanding. Not your unit but it is a Yamaha so maybe similar. Your 1200 would have more power capability than the 5550. BTW the HTR 5550 is $399 and the HTR 5560 $499. Might be worth a look.


Stunt Coordinator
Apr 1, 2002
As long as you run all the speakers as SMALL with the hi-pass crossover and don't try to play movies at full Dolby reference levels, you should be fine. Normal, fairly loud, movie playback at 6 to 10 dB below Dolby reference levels can be achieved without to much sweat by 50 to 75 watts a channel.

Forget about trying to run the speakers as LARGE. You would probably need 150 to 200 watts per channel. But, there would be no reason to do that anyway.

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