Irrational Fears

Discussion in 'After Hours Lounge (Off Topic)' started by MarkHastings, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. MarkHastings

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    Jan 27, 2003
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    This thread stemmed from my "Hide-a-key" thread where I have this strange comfort level in leaving a key out for a maid, yet I feel less comfortable in just giving her a copy.

    It's kind of like how I am so secure with my credit cards, yet I have no problems giving out my info and number to some business over the phone. It's weird how some things we feel safe in doing and others we don't.

    For some reason, I feel safer in not letting a 'maid' hold onto my key, yet I am perfectly fine with leaving it out for her to use (when she comes to clean). Knowing that she can easily make a copy for herself, I trust that she won't do this, yet I won't let her to hold onto a copy of the key because I don't like the feeling of knowing she can enter my house whenever she wants.

    It's strange how she can easily gain access to my house no matter which of the 2 ways I go, yet my comfort level is on the opposite ends of the spectrum in regards to each scenario.

    Actually, with scenario 1 (leaving the key for her each time), I trust that she won't make a copy of the key for herself. I can't guarantee it, but I trust her.

    And with scenario 2, I still trust that she is only going to use the key when she is coming to clean my place.

    So I would trust her with both scenarios, but what it all boils down to is my comfort level. For some reason I am just not comfortable in the knowledge that someone has a key to my home. That's why I would feel better in leaving a key out for her. It's not a rational fear though.

    Anyone else agree? Anyone else have two scenarios that are of equal fear, yet you are perfectly fine with one and not the other?
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    Yeah, I find it hilarious how some people are just so afraid of using their credit card on the internet. Those same people don't think twice about handing their credit card to some waiter and letting him walk away with it out of their sight, where it would be so easy to copy down all the information.
  3. Paul D G

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    I used to work in a bank and I processed credit card payments. We got this payment in and on the stub the guy violently crossed out the credit card number and wrote a nasty note saying that the only reason it was on there was so bank employees could steal his credit card number and that he wasn't falling for it. Of course he completely missed that the number was also printed in the computer text at the bottom of the stub.


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