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    As always, if you need expert advice, ask you guys.
    OK, so I have an IR input on the back of my A/V Receiver. Normally you would plug an IR blaster into it. However, I want to computer control my system and my thought was to use a SmartLinc or similar product. I use HomeSeer to automate my lighting (great product by the way) and HomeSeer can control the SmartLinc. My A/V Receiver has an IR "In" on the back but I'm not sure if I can plug in a cable from the SmartLinc to the A/V Receiver? Does this work this way or do I have to use a stick on emitter?
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    You are using confusing terminology here. If the receiver has an IR input, you don’t want to plug an IR blaster into it
    An IR input should be used with an IR receiver that will sent the IR signal from the remote controller down the wire to the component. If the SmarLinc can do this, you are in business.
    However, some manufacturers use IR receivers that convert the IR signal to RF.
    It would probably be best to call the receiver manufacturer’s tech support people about interfacing something like this.
    Of course, the stick-on emitters are always an option, as you mentioned.
    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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