iPhone 3G, MobileMe and Appstore: A success! (...for what it is)

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Ronald Epstein, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. Ronald Epstein

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    Ronald Epstein
    It didn't take more than a couple hours for me to come to the
    conclusion that the new iPhone 3G, for my needs, is considerably
    better than the first gen phone.

    My day job has me working in a warehouse type building where
    phone signals cannot penetrate the walls. With the original iPhone,
    I could barely make phone calls and I could never bring up a webpage
    while inside.

    I was elated to discover that with 3G, web browsing is now possible
    in places it was not before. I can actually be at work and have access
    to the Internet anytime I please.

    Phone reception is only marginally improved. I don't think the plastic
    backing made that big of a difference.

    Despite the initial first and second day problems with MobileMe, it
    seems that the service is now running pretty well. I figured out how
    to use Gmail to forward my other POP accounts to my .Mac address.
    What is really great about Gmail is that it strips all the spam from
    ever reaching your iPhone (or other devices).

    MobileMe does pretty much what it promises. I am now able to
    update my address book or calendar and it syncs across all my
    devices automatically. The push email is fantastic. For the first
    time I have organized email. When I trash messages on one end,
    it does it across the board. Anything I need to read later I just drag
    into a folder that says "Read Later."

    The Appstore is another success story. I no longer need a jailbroken
    phone to get the software I want. There is so much to choose from,
    and those that are priced are done reasonably.

    While some may not be convinced the iPhone is the best phone out
    there right now, I think that software 2.0 is going to change a lot of
    minds. You can see that the availability of 3rd party applications is
    going to take this phone in directions that no other phone will go.
    The only only unfortunate exclusions from the iPhone this go-round
    is the inclusion of video calling, cut and paste, document viewing and
    (perhaps) television reception.
  2. Yumbo

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    Sep 13, 1999
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    I am mulling MobileMe for my Touch. It's more just within work (no WiFi outside yet).

    The ONLY thing I don't like currently - is lack of spam filter on my Yahoo driven iFiji.com email POP.

    How does one configure something like that? The 2.0 does have FETCH capabilities on the Touch.

  3. Ronald Epstein

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    Jul 3, 1997
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    Ronald Epstein
    People keep talking about FETCH on the iPhone and I don't
    know how that works.

    I use GMAIL to forward all my POP3 mail to MobileMe. GMAIL
    has a spam filter that does a superb job of removing spam.

    Here is the way I set up my iPhone to handle multiple POP3
    forwarding to my .Mac/MobileMe account:

    Create a GMAIL account

    1. Go to Google Mail and create a personal account

    2. After you have successfully registered, log into your GMAIL
    account and click on SETTINGS in top right corner

    3. Go to Accounts and scroll down to Get Mail From Other
    Accounts. Fill out the information pertaining to the POP3 account
    you wish GMAIL to retrieve mail from.

    4. Go to Forwarding and POP and select the option Enable POP
    only for mail that arrives from now on

    5. Repeat above steps for additional POP addresses you wish to push.

    Set up .MAC to push on your iPhone

    1. On your iPhone go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Add
    An Account -> Mobile ME

    2. Use your .Mac/MobileMe address and password. SAVE

    3. Go back into MobileMe configuration in mail settings, click account
    info and where it says smtp.me.com scroll down till you find smtp.gmail.com and use it.

    This has worked for most, but not all for some reason or another.
    Also, in Leopard Mail you will lose the ability to send mail from your
    default POP3 address.

    I can no longer use "[email protected]"

    I had to create a new alias: "[email protected]"

    This is not by any means perfect, but with a little time and
    tweaking you can pretty much get this to work quite well.
  4. ErichH

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    Mar 1, 2001
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    Thanks for the review Ron.

    I noticed a voice dial app today.
  5. TonyD

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    Dec 1, 1999
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    Tony D.
    i've been tryig to use that voice thing.

    it still needs you to press a button, it isn't totally hands free.
    or mybe I just havent figured it out yet.

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