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Dec 28, 2015
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John L

I have an Onkyo TX-NR616 system in my game room. It has 3 separate zones. I have zone 1 set up with the typical 5.1 surround system. I have zone 2 powering two outside speakers. I would like to add a couple speakers to the system. One would also be located in the gamer room at the other end where there aren't any speakers. I really can't run speaker wire to the location so I was thinking of adding a wireless speaker that could be connected to zone 3 on the receiver. And since I'm thinking about wireless I'd like to add at least one more upstairs in the living room. I've looked at the Sonos system. I think I can do what I want with this system: zone 3 would go to the Sonos Connect input. Then I could put the Play:1 at the other end of the game room and the Play:3 upstairs. This way my wireless speakers would also play what was outputted to zone 1 and 2. I could also connect the output of the Connect to an input on the receiver so I could use it to "power" all speakers.

Has anyone used the Sonos systems? Does this seem like it would work?

Is this overkill to just add a couple wireless speakers to my system? Is there another option? My receiver is connected to my Wi-Fi so I can use it for music streaming.

With the wireless speaker being in relative close proximity to the wired speakers, is there a noticeable delay between the two?

Thanks in advance.

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