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Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by DeathStar1, Aug 13, 2005.

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    Hey all,

    Here's something I have yet to find out because I don't have the spare wire.

    We just got IO Digital cable, mostly so I could watch GSN. But I ditched my VCR so I could free up some cable space, and am now soley using my TV Tuner.

    So long as the Signal is being routed through the cable box to the tuner, would I still get acces to GSN, wich is a digital channel, if the cable box is turned off?

    Hope that convuluted question made sense [​IMG]. Because if not, using my DVR is going to prove challenging.

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    Analog cable can passthrough with the box off but digital stations have to be decoded by the box to be viewed or recorded. Your cable company may or may not leave the analog stations on the cable; they could strip it off but there wouldn't be any particular reason to do that. A quick hookup to the raw cable feed (without box) should verify the presence of analog stations.

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