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Interpreting Stereophile Acoustic Spreadsheet (1 Viewer)

Jay Mitchosky

Senior HTF Member
Sep 6, 1998
I'm using Russ Herschelmann's acoustic spreadsheet from Stereophile in helping to layout my new home theater. It can be downloaded here. I just wanted to make sure I'm interpreting it correctly and get your feedback on how to use it the most effectively.

My room dimensions will be 8' x 17' x 23.5' (HWD). Based on the spreadsheet this yields ten "problem" frequencies (those that deviate more than 5% - our audible range - from adjacent frequencies). Plugging in my seating position (11' from back wall, 7.5' from the side wall, ears 41" off the floor) gives me two seating position peaks at 216.2Hz and 298.9Hz. Of these two peaks only one of them (216.2Hz) was also identified as a problem frequency.

If I understand correctly the identified problem frequencies are only an issue if you are positioned in one. For the peaks identified by virtue of my listening position they can be EQ'd (fortunately no nulls). To my eyes only two peaks in the midrange looks pretty good and can be easily managed, and of the ten problem frequencies I'm only sitting at one. Is this correct? What else does the spreadsheet tell me? There is little latitude remaining for anything more than fine adjustments to my location.

Looking forward to your thoughts.

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