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Internet CD Collection Sites (1 Viewer)

Lee M T

Second Unit
Nov 28, 2002
I tried searching to no real avail.

I'd like to start listing my CD collection on an Intenet site. I have found a few. Like Guzzlefish.com but I don't really need all that info and half the CD's I own aren't even listed there and I don't want to go through the rig-a-maroo of posting them.

CD-Tracker.com is almost what I am looking for. Just basic info and I can type in the names of the discs, etc. However, there isn't a feature where I can give a rating to my CD.

rateyourmusic.com is esentially what I am looking for. But there is a bit of rig-a-maroo in its own right on getting to the info. I don't need so many stats really.

Are there any other options out there?

Grant B

Senior HTF Member
Mar 29, 2000
On cd tracker why don't you put your rating in the "what you paid" column. So what if it looks like you got the bargain of a lifetime. The only other one I know of is cd trustee.

Or if you have dvd profilier you could add cds (by title, unclick the box for info download) and add your rating there.
I add my sacds to it since they are in my DVD megachanger

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