1. k, guys....im new to the boards and i got a question.

    i have a edtv 42" daewoo plasma...the picture is awesome but alot of times when i watch a source in progressive 480p such as dvd or xbox and hd channels i will get interferance on the tv screen. on my dvd's and games it looks like flicker and on the tv it looks like small shaded horizontal bars about an inch apart that scroll from top to bottom. now i've figured a temporary solution to the problem, if i switch through the inputs pc,s-video,video2,component 1,component 2. then i can get the bars to get bigger the first time around and then if i go through all the inputs one more time then it's gone and the picture is perfect. but if i turn the tv off or switch the source and go back to a 480p source it's there again and i have to repeat the process to get rid of the interferance. i have all monster cable and a $200 monster power center so i dont think it's a cable issue. could the tv be bad? or is this just signal hanging over that i wash out by my cycling through it 1-2 more times? im confused. and i need to know if this is normal or am i just anal. i have a few days left on my return policy so if the tv is defective i need to know if i need to return it.

    thanks in advance to anyone who understands and responds to my post. if anyone else has the dp-42sm or another tv with this issue...please respond.
  2. i know nobody responded to this, but i tryed another daewoo plasma and had more problems with the next one. 1 bad pixel and interferance that wouldnt go away, and i noticed the colors where much richer on the 2nd daewoo plasma than the first. unable to get any consistancy i returned it and bought the samsung spn4235. much better set.

    if concidering the daewoo dp42sm "DON'T!"

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