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Interesting setup... can be possible ? (1 Viewer)

Eduardo Ma

Mar 16, 2003
Hello from Mexico City

Want to share this awesome setup.

Have a close friend and everytime we chat about syetms and his HT......he is always right

Ok...... he has the following with an explanation of the issue/problem:

Installed in his living room wich the ceiling is way up also is a wide open area.

Onkyo TX-DS787
First he claims that DTS sucks, and DD is louder and better.
He turns it up soooo loud that the poor receiver turns off; Imagine that! solution according to him: he needs a high current amp.
We went to this departement store, audio section and browsed thru brands, the salesman suggested this to fix the problem.
Rotel RSX-1065 just for not turning off! aprox $2,730 USD!!Prices in Mexico are way high :-(
For me this is a wrong way solution, also everytime we see each other tells me that he is going to get that receiver no matter what happnds! at any cost! and keeps me asking "what is the brand? Martell? cannot even remember the name :frowning:

Polk PSW650 powered sub
Tucked inside his chimney :eek:
He placed it there because he has no other palce to put that, so teh chimney was "the spot" claims that was a wining solution becausesounds better?....louder+rumble, with one cone facing the back wall, and the other facing outside.
What! he got that because he claims "bigger,better,louder"
He used to have a Cerwin 12" powered, got rid of that because it didnt make the noise he wanted.
he had that in his custom cabinetry, so the new monster didnt fit there.

B&W D604 S3 Standing speakers ok
B&W LCR600 S3 center ok

Onkyo Liverpool for surround :rolleyes
Put them because he already had them, like +10 years old, with one repaired tweeter :crazy:

Sony projection screen 52" I think old model +5 years old ok

Pioneer DVD Ok

The test

Swordfish scene where the bomb explodes and the pellets fly everywhere.
Extreme loud nosie, tons of loud distorted muddybass :laugh:
inaudible, Onkyo turns off :laugh:

For music:
At low sound.... ok but ther is lack of bass.
Loud.... seems like you are in the restroom of a
drum & bass club, door hinges vibarte including the windows :eek:

My ignored recomendations:

Get it out of the chimney ASAP, place elsewhere, turn down its volume.

His Onkyo is OK, why get rid of it! and get a Rotel just for louder noise!
Learn the difference between DTS and DD, why dump DTS?

Surround speakers
Too much for surround,

Ed :)


Jan 24, 2003
he has too much money and not enough brains. when he says DTS is crap and the fact his sub is in the chimney just proves that.

the sound wont travel that well throughout the room because its surrounded by brick. if anything it'll direct the sound up and out of the chimney. with a bit going into the room.

Carl Johnson

Senior HTF Member
May 6, 1999
Real Name
Carl III
It sounds like volume is his #1 priority, that being the case rather than replacing the Onkyo i'd suggest that he get a separate stereo receiver and pair of speakers so he can have dual left and right channels running at the same time. I'm no electrician but assuming everything is wired correctly if he's pouring so much power into his speakers that it's shutting down the Onkyo by upgrading to Rotel he'll probably end up frying the speakers. I like it loud too but I think my ears would bleed before my Onkyo would shut down like that.

Eduardo Ma

Mar 16, 2003
3 months passed since I stared this thread
He just bought he Rotel! :eek:

have not heard it yet, but will do that in 1 week
Report will be aviable just as that happends
Will try to take some stealth pics

ed ;)

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