Interconnect cables & interference.

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    When I build my HT system its primary focus will be on watching DVD movies. I plan on using Monster Video2 component cables for the DVD video. The rest of the sources: VCR, TV, Computer, PS1 I had planed on using stock cables because I’m not that concern with having the absolute best signal from these components. I know cables act as antennas, so they may bring extra interference into the receiver possibly distorting the picture from the DVD. If I upgrade these stock cables to better shielded cables will it drastically help in removing unwanted interference into the receiver?

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    CATV coax may need some attention if there is a buzz present, but interconnect quality on one component won't affect video quality from another.
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    All your interconnects are already shielded. They are all made with coaxial cable similar to the stuff you use for your CATV signal.
    I approve of your idea - use a higher end cable for the higher end sources.
    But you can do better, for perhaps less money.
    When "Secrets of Home Theater" did a face-off of progressive scan DVD players, they tried several different component cable sets. Since they were using video analysis equipment, they could see that with some cables, just moving or touching the cables caused changes.
    They wound up building their own cables with Canare connectors and Belden or Canare coax. This is the stuff that the production studios use.
    There are several internet sites that will build you a custom cable set using Canare/Belden materials.
    Example: Monster Video 3 6 foot set: $280
    Wicked Cables 6 foot set: $70
    BetterCables 3 foot set: $90
    So you can get production studio grade cables for a lot less.
    We have had several people here with long runs (20 feet or more) and large projector displays that swear by these cables.
    Some sites to price-shop that have a good reputation:
    You can also hit eBay and search for "Canare" to find people selling through eBay.
    Good Luck.

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