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Intel going it alone for STB and DVR? (1 Viewer)


Kevin Collins

Intel has partnered with a variety of partners for Google TV and with Microsoft for Windows Media Center for dedicated STB/DVR's, but nothing has really materialized in products gaining traction with the public or even coming to market (MS).

Rumors about Intel's TV service tuned up this past March following a report from the Wall Street Journal.

The rumors continue to come out that Intel will announce a service a CES this year for a STB. The DVR would be cloud based that would record all channels for a month in the cloud, thus eliminating any local storage being required on the STB. I don't know how much I like that feature. There are things that I want to permanently have. Maybe Intel would offer the ability to have cloud storage that a consumer could pay for that would persist content more than a month.

Why is Intel going it alone? It seems they were tired of having "half-assed" products and partners in the space and wanted to be in charge of things themselves. Supposedly they would role the service out city by city to control content negotiation issues.

I wait with baited breath to see what this turns out to be.

Dave Vaughn

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Oct 8, 2001
Kevin, Another downside with the cloud storage is data bandwidth and potential charges coming from your ISP to access that data.

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