Integra Hometheater DTC 9.4

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    Anyone seen or heard this beast, which was supposed to be out in May. For the price (list $2K), the feature set seems hard to beat.

    here is a copy of the press release

    Integra Introduces THX Ultra2 Preamp/Processor/Tuner
    05/14/03 - Integra has introduced the THX Ultra2-certified DTC-9.4, a high performance 7.1-channel preamplifier/processor/tuner that provides control and processing capabilities comparable to the most advanced audio and video components on the market today. It features decoding of every major surround sound format currently in use, excellent connectivity with balanced XLR outputs for all channels, a CHAD touch-screen LCD remote, and Net-Tune Ethernet client capability which gives it the ability to playback digital music files over a home computer network.

    The DTC-9.4 is the first multichannel preamplifier/processor to carry the Integra name, and carries a feature set worthy of a flagship A/V controller. An original design low-jitter clock circuit, dual 32-bit DSPs, and linear PCM 192 kHz/24-bit DACs deliver crystal clear audio performance. The unit decodes THX surround EX, DTS-ES, DTS-96/24, and even the new Dolby Headphone format. Dolby ProLogic II and DTS Neo:6 processing provide satisfying 5.1- and 6.1- channel sound from 2-channel sources.

    Thanks to Integra's Net-Tune functionality, the processor is also capable of streaming MP3, WMA and WAV files from a home PC or the NAS-2.3 dedicated Net-Tune server, all via standard Ethernet connection. Up to 12 client-enabled devices can be used on a single network to establish a powerful and seamless distributed audio system.

    On the video side, the DTC-9.4 is one of the few models available which features automatic upconversion of all video inputs to 480i component video, requiring only a single video connection to component video displays. The inclusion of 50 MHz HDTV-capable component video switching prevents the signal degradation that can occur with low-bandwidth systems, and a sophisticated 3-line digital comb filter is used in the conversion of composite to S-Video for superior signal quality.

    The DTC-9.4 features a wide array of audio and video connections to accommodate all of the gear in a high-end home theater system. There are two composite video inputs and one output, six A/V inputs with composite and S-video connections, and three audio-only inputs. The three coaxial and five optical digital inputs, including one on the front panel, are fully assignable, and there are even two optical digital outputs. For connection to power amplifiers, there are 8 unbalanced coaxial pre-outs, and each channel also has a balanced XLR output for amplifiers so equipped, such as Integra's seven-channel DTA-9.4 "Pure Digital" amplifier.

    There is also an audio/video output for a second Zone, which provides the ability to listen to the same or different source material in another room, using an additional power amplifier. An On-Screen display provides control of all settings as well as access to Net-Tune digital media playlists.

    The included CHAD remote control is a fully customizable graphical touchscreen learning remote which allows consumers to replace all of the remotes for their A/V equipment with a single unit. CHAD can also be programmed to perform a series of up to 255 tasks across multiple components with the touch of a single button. It features 2 MB of internal memory, programmable macros and timers, and an RS-232 interface so it can be customized with a home PC.

    The Integra DTC-9.4 will be available in May at a suggested retail price of $2,000.
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    Already out. Try a search. Have been a couple of threads on it already. [​IMG]

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