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Installing TV flush in drywall over tub (1 Viewer)


Jun 11, 2002
Looking for some basic advice
Mu wife wants a TV installed flush in the wall above her garden tub. The wall in question has the tub on one side and the walk-in closet on the other. I have easy access to cable and a wall plug in the closet.
I found a simple 9" TV that will fit between the wall studs.
Question: Any ideas on how to build a shelf thru the wall and how to frame it on the tub side so it looks nice.
Note: We are not concerned on how it looks on the closet side.

I will score big big points if I can pull this off.


Stunt Coordinator
Jan 7, 2003
Ha, the wife wants it or do you want it so you can watch sportscenter in the morning while getting ready for work.

Actually, this is a project that I am going to try to start on myself, hopefully this weekend, since I'm procrastinating on my HT room.

I got this idea because I went to a house they were building in my neighborhood identical to mine, and walked over while they were in the framing stages and saw there is a ton of wasted space on the wall behind my tub. Space stud to stud should be 15 inches, but I am thinking of cutting one and inserting a small box with header to accomadate a 19-20" TV. I'm going to probably do the whole TV niche thing with a cover up door since the TV will be larger, possibly even a pull out swivel tray.

If you are going with something smaller, and no other modifications, I would just cut out exactly enough sheetrock to fit in a housing box, then frame it in and fasten the box to the frame. Then put sheetrock inside the box. It should be a pretty easy project since you have the wiring already there.

It's kind of funny because I came in from working outside the other day and my back was hurting and my wife kept telling me to take a hot bath, but refused because the football game was on. I was thinking, too bad I didn't have that TV installed yet.

Leo Kerr

May 10, 1999
What sort of controls need to be accessible?

If you can do it with a simple, sealed opening, then it's not really a problem. Cut a hole in the wall, put a piece of plexiglas in it, trim over it with some nice trim-moulding, and then caulk the crap out of any place that might be a problem.

We do it often at work... although we're generally not concerned about water, nor regular access for controls.

Sound would be a little different: that almost requires a violation of the water-seal, especially since most small TVs don't have a way of using external speakers.

Leo Kerr

Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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Aug 5, 1999
Corpus Christi, TX
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Leo brings up a good point about the speakers. If the TV has line outputs you could get something like a mini receiver to power a small outboard speaker. It could be mounted on the wall above the TV.

Re the trim molding, it’s the same stuff they use for baseboards and door facings. You can get stuff to match your existing facings and baseboards, or something unique – your preference.

The shelf won’t be too hard. Just mount a couple of 2” x 4”s the proper length to support the TV, perpendicular to the upright studs. You can use 2” x 12” boards to span between them – there’s your shelf.

Now, the perpendicular 2” x 4”s will need some rear support. If the TV isn’t too heavy you can accomplish this with another pair of 2” x 4”s at 45 degrees or less, going back down to the same upright studs. Or, you could put in a pair of vertical 2” x’ 4”s that would go all the way down to the floor.

If it's hard to picture what I'm talking about I could e-mail you a crude picture.

Wayne A. Pflughaupt


Stunt Coordinator
Dec 15, 2003
Assuming the tv comes apart in the following manner...

Remove the rear casing of the tv and just flush mount the front bezel to the wall. Yeah, it won't be "flush" with the wall, but neither will the bare tube if it's not something like a trinitron flat tube.

Also, since you're already disassembling the console you're free to remove the speaker and put it wherever you like ;)

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