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    Hello. I was hoping to get some assistance in installing a couple of speakers out by my deck. I have an Onkyo 595 receiver that I can use the "B" switch for the outdoor speakers. This will be a spring project for sure!

    My questions:

    What is the best way to run wire from family room out to the deck (it is right off the family room)? Drill holes in wall, etc? How about tips on "hiding" wire running up the side of the house?

    What type of wire to use?

    Where to mount speakers? I have an overhang on the roof above the deck to mount under, but this is pretty high up. Will the speakers get "lost" up so high? Any special brackets needed? How are the speakers that mount right on the deck itself?

    Can the speakers stay outside year round (here in Northern NJ we get pretty cold winters)?

    Off topic, but any suggestions on the best (and most economical) outdoor speakers?

    Any other advice or tips?

  2. Ken Woodrow

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    Feb 12, 2001
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    I can't answer all of your questions, but I'll tackle some. I mounted outdoor speakers on an older brick home (1948). We ran the speaker wire directly through the brick wall at the location of the speaker and routed the wire to that spot inside the house behind the walls. We had that luxury because we were finishing a basement and the walls were being framed at the time. We used UL-listed in-wall wire (2 conducter, PVC sheathing) from Parts Express for all of the speaker wiring. We also routed the DSS cable, Cat5 network cable, and phone cables by drilling through the exterior wall. For and old house with plaster walls, its often easier to run things externally than to fish through the walls.

    Good outdoor speakers are designed to be exposed to the weather year-round, even rain and snow. But YMMV. I settled on Niles b/c they were rugged and Niles has a good reputation for quality. Infinity also makes a well-regarded pair.

    Check out my sig for more details.

    - Ken

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