INSOMNIAC! God this is a funny show!

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  1. Kevin M

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    Feb 23, 2000
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    Have you people seen this show? It is the sick - sad - weird late night adventures of comic Dave Attell as he travels around the states (and elsewhere) with his stand up act. After his show is over he takes a cameraman and heads out on the town to take in some of the local nightlife of drunken bizarrness. Funniest damn show I have seen in awhile.
    It is in repeats on Comedy Central Sunday nights. Watch it while you can!
    -Kevin M.
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  2. Ike

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    Jan 14, 2000
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    I, too, have begun to love Insomniac, mostly because of Attell's surprisingly subtle and wry wit.
    The whole show has a drunk vibe (Attell is always smoking and drinking), and some of the night people are hilarious (I like the party from a few weeks ago where all the women had penises on everything, from a giant inflated one, to tiny ones that fit over the straws).
    I also like his sort of tours of business or occupations. Like, when he went with those bounty hunters, the beer brewers, or the porn production studio.
    I hope they keep it on. They gave The Chris Wylde Shows slot to him, so maybe that's a sign that we aren't alone!
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  3. Doug T

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    Jan 4, 1999
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    I have watched a few episodes myself, and was an instant fan. A great idea for a show as long as you've got the right "host". And Dave is perfect.
    Any other show of this type would simlply resort to making fun of everyone, and while that may generate a few laughs now and then, is very tiresome in the long run. Not to mention downright cruel at times. As opposed to a couple of MTV shows that I've seen bits of over the last few years, Dave actually makes an effort to engage these characters in a true dialog, only making fun of them when they deserve it - not that he stands in the way of people making asses out of themselves on their own [​IMG]
    At times I think he spends a bit too much time on things (e.g. shark fishing), but overall, one of the freshest shows around.
    - Doug

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