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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Eric Kahn, Sep 26, 2007.

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    does anyone have one of these, just bought one (have not taken delivery) and would like to know if they are any good
  2. Eric Kahn

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    OK, I have had it for about a week now and the picture is great when viewing HD shows and OK on normal TV, still playing with the video settings but have them pretty close (considering I have been setting them watching football and baseball HD broadcasts) the only shows that have looked "out of color" are the live local HD news broadcasts, probably because they use blue or green screen superimposing of the background

    makes my old SD sony look like crap after watching the new one
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    I would avoid this brand. I had an Insignia LCD a few years ago and it died after a few months. Best Buy refused to fix it and from a cost-benefit standpoint, the time I would have spent dealing with trying to get it fixed simply is far more valuable to me spent on more enjoyable things. I understand the fallacy of inductive reasoning based on a sample size of one so do a little research and you'll find plenty of similar stories. Predictably, at least one person will almost certainly respond with a "I own an Insignia - no problems here!" post. Lucky them.

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