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Inputting Stereo Signals to Mono Speaker Setup? Need Advice! (1 Viewer)


John Morris

I want to go ahead and setup my outdoor speaker system. Since there would be no good location to set up the two speakers in stereo, I want to run them both as mono. The input for this amp(not yet purchased), will come from the multi-room preamp stereo outputs of my Denon 3801 receiver. How can I combine the left and right signals into one mono signal and then output them from an amps two channels? I also am wondering what amp(or how good of an amp)I need to drive a pair of JBL N26AW speakers in mono? Is there an inexpensive pro amp which will do the trick in this application?
Thanks for your help!
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Jeff Loughridge

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Jun 30, 2001
If I understand what you want to do, you want to take the left and right low level outputs (pre-amp), combine them to mono, and input the mono sum to a power amp for your outdoor speakers. I would use a Radio Design Labs STD-10K to combine the stereo to mono on the A and B inputs, then use C and D to input the mono signal to both channels of your amp. Of course, you can build the same network for a lot less money, but you can't beat the RDL convenience. Check out the STD Series Divider/Combiner for the specific module, or Radio Design Labs for their home page.
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