inline sub to set speakers to large.

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    Aug 26, 2001
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    My Gear.
    5 NHT SuperZeros
    Velodyne CT100
    Onkyo 575x
    Here is what I was thinking. I find that if I turn the sub up too high it gets really boomy. I think this is probably because of the lower spectrum from all channels going to it that its booming when it shouldn't be.
    If I have the Velodyne on the LFE (As is currently) but then look at two other cheaper subs. Something like the Dayton Loudspeaker 10's at Parts Express for $100.00 and run them inline 1 on the front l/r and one on the rear surrounds. I could then set my l/r and rears to large and dial in the Daytons to the proper volume and set their corssovers as high as they go (I think it was 120hz). Would this then help me loose some of the boom but yet let me turn the velodyne up further since it would only be driving the LFE sounds instead of all the lower end spectrum? Or, I guess boom when it should boom and not be as boomy when it shouldn't be. Does it even make sense considering an idea like that? I started thinking about this after reading the review of the Difinitive Technologies speakers in the lates Sound & Vision.
    - Dan
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    Dec 9, 2000
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    Hi Dan,
    While this could possibly help your current said problem, others may arise!
    Setting crossovers and matching volumes per sub and speaker being the least of your possible new problems. Every room is different, but, with all these subs going room node problems may arise big time. Nulls and peaks at given freqs through out the room. Could be a major nightmare. Only speculation on my part at ths point.
    Someone with more experience dealing with such may come in (full range Def-Tech guys) and elaborate as my comments come from a reading stand point only.

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