Inlaws want a big screen tv

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  1. Peter Bunora

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    My inlaws want a big screen tv, but I am having trouble finding one that suits their needs. They don't have a dvd player, hardly watch the vcr. But they have seen the excellent picture I have with my 61HS10 and want one too. But I think that something like my Sony is overkill for them. If anyone could recommend a decent big screen without spending too much on the extra features I would appreciate it.
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    Dec 15, 2000
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    Suggestion: Get them a DVD player and let them watch it for a couple weeks. Then have them decide if they want a TV to watch DVDs on. [​IMG]
    - Brian
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    If you can't make them into dvd converts, and they really don't want to get into the rarefied atmosphere of line-doublers, 480p vs 960i, etc. look for a good quality analog rptv.
    If they're still available, look for an Hitachi 53 or 61 SBX01B. This is a very high quality ntsc-only set with top quality 3D-YC comb filter, 6 element lenses, and magic focus self-convergence system that really works. They aren't cheap, running a bit over $2k for the 53 inch set, but they do a very good job with cable and satellite pictures. These were probably the last true premium quality ntsc-only sets available since the advent of hd-ready models. A lot of their components, specifically lenses and optical filters, are actually of better quality than those found in many of the low to midrange hd-ready sets.
    Other good choices would be the Mitsubishi Gold and Silver series ntsc sets--these also have 3D-YC comb filters. Their optics aren't as good as Hitachis. They don't have self-convergence but do have a 64 point convergence available in the user menu. These start at around $1500 for a 46" Silver series model. Mits ntsc sets generally have good reliability and quite nice pictures.
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  4. Richard Burzynski

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    "My inlaws want a big screen tv, but I am having trouble finding one that suits their needs. They don't have a dvd player, hardly watch the vcr."
    Few questions:
    * What is their budget?
    If it's $1000, don't let them buy ANY RPTV, guide them toward a good 36" tube set. If it's $1500-2000, they can get Top Line Analog RPTV or entry level HD RPTV. Steve makes good analog suggestions, I own a gold Mits. The Sony V90 set is also nice. If $2000+, they can get better HD RPTV.
    * What is intended usage? *Important*
    If cable ONLY, then Analog RPTV. As for DVD, lots of stores throw in a basic one with purchase during certain sales.
    * Are they Tech-Savvy?
    If the answer is "not at all", then they should NOT get an HD RPTV, especially not a 16:9 set. Imagine trying to explain accessing different inputs and toggling stretch modes (depending on the source material) to a person that only knows how to turn on a "regular" tv and changing its channels.
    Rich B.

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