Initial Pioneer 643 set up help please

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Steve Satch, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. Steve Satch

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    Apr 12, 1999
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    I got my Pioneer SD643HD5 last night. I have Video Essentials and understand how to calibrate it with that. My question is about all of the sets filters and which to have on/off. I'm talking about things like their

    viewing mode (STD, Ref Theater, User),
    color temp
    black enhance
    flesh tone
    3D NR LVL
    3DY/C LVL

    Thanks for any information or other tips about setting this set up.
  2. greg_t

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    Jan 18, 2001
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    Congrats on the purchase Steve. I have a Pioneer Elite and I've found the following to provide the best image quality for viewing DVD or LD sources.

    For watching movies, you want to use Reference Theater mode. It presents a more filmlike image by disabling video enchancments such as SVM. It also does many things in the service menu such as settings contrast levels, etc. For movies, you want to be in Reference Theater Mode. For other sources, you'll have to play and see which you prefer.

    Color temepature should be set to Film. This gets you closest to 6500 degrees Kelvin. This should be automatically set to FILM when in Reference Theater Mode.

    Pure Cinema is Pioneers terminology for the sets 3:2 pulldown. It is only active when you input a 480i signal, such as from an interlaced DVD player or a LD or VHS. If you input a 480p signal from a progressive scan dvd player, this setting while be greyed out because the sets internal line doubler is bypassed. Generally, you want this set to ON. This allows the set to use 3:2 pulldown to make decisions to whether it should be in film or video mode deinterlacing. Some sources, such as regular cable TV, can cause issues with this set to ON. In those cases, turn it to off. This I believe forces the deinterlacer into video mode.

    Leave Fleshtone to OFF. Also leave SVM to off. SVM introduces artifical sharpness, and is not a good thing. When you set to Reference Theater Mode, these will automatically be set to OFF as RTF disables unnecessary video enchancment circuits.

    Black enchance should also be set to OFF. Use the actual black level control to properly set black level when you do your calibration. If you have the Black Enchance set to ON, I believe the Black Level control itself is greyed out.

    For the 3D noise reducation level, I would suggest MIN or MID. I think noise reduction usually hurts more than it helps, so I would keep it at the MIN level. Your mileage may vary.

    3D Y/C is the level of the comb filter. This is only active when inputting via composite cable. I would leave it on STD. Hope this helps.
  3. Derek B

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    Feb 11, 2001
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    I just purchased the same TV. I have the Motorola DCT 5100 HD cable box. I am experiencing problems with black bars on the left and right sides of the picture. The non HD channels look fine and fill the screen. The HD channels are not all filling the entire screen. One out of the 4 HD channels I receive fills the whole screen but only on certain programs. The other 3 channels seem to always have the bars on the sides. My box is set to 1080i because that is what the cable company is broadcasting. When I switch the box to 480p, I am able to change the screen sizes on the TV, but it still has the bars on the left and right in every setting. I think I have tried every setting on the TV and the box. Do you have an explanation for this?


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