Initial Impressions of the RSX 1055

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Rich Wenzel, Sep 25, 2002.

  1. Rich Wenzel

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    Aug 9, 2002
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    Just got it yesterday.
    After opening it up, I noticed a nick on the top, fairly visible, where the faceplate and the chassis are connected.
    It's not enough for me to bring back, but I didn't like it. Also the remote has a very faint line in it.
    Kind of makes me suspect of Rotel's QC
    Firmware is 1.41 from 6/02
    Now everything I am saying here is in comparison to my Carver C1000-a
    All of this is based on watching a movie (Blackhawk Down) which I never saw using my Carver
    YES by YES
    A Night in San Francisco by Paco De Lucia, John McCoughlin (sp?), Al Di Meola
    Countdown to Extinction by Megadeth
    Associated equipment:
    fronts: B&W DM605S2
    rears: B&W DM605S2
    center: B&W LCR6
    speakers set to large, large, and small
    Denon DVD 1600
    Marantz CD 4000OSE
    Rotel RCC 955
    Dish TV 301
    cables, AR, Radioshack, Outlaw
    Strenghts of the Rotel
    Features, Features, Features (so for, for me it has everything I can see myself needing for the next 2 years)
    More DSP's, since my lousy dish tv doesn't have digital out, the DPL2 was nice addition. But DPL2 Music sounded thin and harsh to me when playing music.
    The preouts will be very nice when i buy a separate amp.
    Solid amp response, good power.
    Simple face plate that is easy to use.
    Normal RCA in, for multi-channel pass through. My Carver has DB25 inputs, can't blame them for having done that at the times, as THX said it would be the standard, but its annoying.
    Negatives for Rotel
    To do various things, you need to use the OSD. I don't like that. My carver has a button for everything.
    Ease of use. The Rotel, while not being difficult to use, is not nearly as easy to use as my Carver.
    Though the unit has good power, my Carver is much more powerful.
    I will do a test this w/e, using an SPL to make sure I am at the same volumes to test music and movies.
    My initial impression of the sound was that it was warmer than the carver, but a little less detailed and dynamic.
    But I guess that should be expected. When you buy the Rotel, you are paying for a lot of features and a good amp. When you are buying the Carver, you are paying a lot for a very good amp and not the features. Since I am planning on getting a separate amp, I consider the Rotel an upgrade.
    Oh the remote is kind of weird, very easy to program though, so that is nice.
  2. RichardMA

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    Apr 16, 2002
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    I'd love to know how Carver got 200x5 watts out
    of a 38lb receiver. It seems like your move was lateral
    rather than up in the case of the Rotel, based on your
  3. Rich Wenzel

    Rich Wenzel Supporting Actor

    Aug 9, 2002
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    its the same as how they get it out of their Sunfire amps. It has to do with the power supply.


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