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    We recently moved in to a new home that a built in system with Bose speakers installed in the ceiling. The speakers are the only thing left of the system. The speaker wires come out in a location that I do not want to put the TV. Can I put a receiver there that will work with the built ins, and still work with the TV that is approx., twelve feet away?

    I'm a total newb at this, would appreciate any kind of detailed advice/recommendations.

    TV- 36" LG no wifi, but would be willing to invest in a new TV
    Receiver- to be purchased
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    All you need to do us run a HDMI from where the AVR goes, to where you chose to put the TV.How long(as in following the walls/ceiling) is the distance?You don't need a new TV. If your TV has apps you intend to use(since you gave no model numbers...guessing)'ll either use ARC(again, no mention of the TV model) or run a toslink/coax (again, no mention of the TV model).What is your AVR budget?Want it to be network controlled via Android/Apple?What Bose speakers are these?

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