Infrared over ethernet

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    Hey everyone,

    I just bought a house and it's being built. The builder has a wiring company that called me to arrange my preferences/upgrades to the wiring and I'm getting what he referred to as a slave box behind where the plasma will go. The other end of the slave box wiring will be in a closet so I can hide all my components. In the slave box will be an ethernet jack which will connect to my home network, as well as the closet with the components.

    The guy told me that I could get an infrared transmitter that would connect to that ethernet port, and allow me to control all my components, but I have no idea what to buy. I've looked at one site that seemed like they had the right thing, but I'm not convinced it's what I need.

    Has anyone else set up this type of equipment? What did you use and what do you recommend?

    Thanks for any advice!!
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    Look at the IR repeaters at Yes, they can use cat-5 wire but you will not use an internet protocol. Same way the phones in my house use cat-5 but I have standard phone service.


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