Information Disclosure Rules for Group Buys

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    I am curious as to what the rules are for discussing specifics about particular deals that are being offered in a Group Buy. Can there be posts in any of the HT Forum areas asking such things as whether such-and-such deal is good or not, for example? Should info be excluded from other forums (HT Spot, AA, etc)? Can I share such info with others via a more private means (e.g., email)?

    BTW, I felt more comfortable asking these questions here than in the Group Buy area.


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    Group buy questions should be directed to the Group Buys area. We don't want posts saying that such in such can be bought at a cheaper price elsewhere. Posting comments about a particular group buy that is on another site is not allowed either. Private emails, etc. between members when you know each other is just fine but emailing members that you do not know or sending them private messages without them asking you to do so is spam and is not allowed either.

    The group buys were set up to deal with one company at this time. There are going to be times that you can find a "better deal" elsewhere but that is going to have to be up to the buyer whether or not it is worth getting involved with. People that frequent this board will look around at various sites before making a decision to buy something. We leave it up to the member to make the decision as to whether or not to buy something from one of the group buys.

    If you email Jason that you are interested in a particular product that they have in a group buy and you tell him that you can get it for less, etc. then the two of you can see if a better deal can be had.

    Thanks for asking,


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