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  1. Doug Semon

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    Apr 4, 2001
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    I bought an InFocus 350 projector about a month ago, and I've had two chronic problems.
    1. I had AC hum bars in all pictures. I lifted the ground pin on the projector power cord, and this fixed the problem apparently without any downside, but am I missing something?
    2. I have an intermittent, visible shift in contrast on all video programming, but apparently not on the computer display or menu screens. It can happen right after scene changes, or sometimes just repeatedly on and off. Could this be an artifact of Macrovision copy protection, and if so, what can I do about it.
    3. Although the internal scaler is quite good, it's not perfect. The projector has only composite, s-video and DVI inputs, not component. What is DVI, who makes a scaler that can connect to the DVI input, and does anyone have a reasonably priced scaler that they really like? I can't find a dealer who will let me borrow one to test.
  2. Stephen Dodds

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    Aug 29, 1998
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    Sounds like you should return your projector.
    You'll find all the answers to your questions at
  3. Scott Dautel

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    Oct 6, 1998
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    I have the LP350 at work and have occasionally used it with DVD input. I learned that the internal line doubler works only with S-Video and not with composite video connections. This is a phenominal DLP unit and should provide an exceptional DVD picture. My one big gripe is that the keystone correction is de-activated when you are in video mode. If you can position the lens at the geometric center of the screen you don't need keystone, but you almost always do for proper geometry with the projector on a tabletop.
    If you haven't discovered , this article will be of great interest to you:
    InFocus LP350 vs. Plus U2-1130

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