InFocus IN76 and flickering bulb

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Fredrik L, Jan 11, 2007.

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    Just bought myself an IN76, sold as a demo unit at a local distributor in Sweden.

    When used for about 1/2 hour to an hour (sometimes more) the light intensity shifts with very short intervalls, in other words the bulb flickers. In is not overly dramatic, but highly disturbing. If I switch to High Power-mode it goes away. I haven't yet had the patience to notice if it returns after switching back from HP-mode, since I'm pretty distracted and annoyed by all this.

    Before the IN76 I owned a IN74 for 6 months without any of these symptoms.

    Is this a one way street down to replacement or is there a cure? I'm really NOT looking forward to returning everything after having used several hours to mount and fine tune. So if any one else has experienced this and/or any one has a clue to a remedy, I would be deeply grateful.

    My firmware is 2.6. My lamp hours are 81.
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    Slight tolerances in the ballast characteristics (difficult to get repaired) and slight tolerances in lamp (bulb) characteristics may have resulted in a combination that you received with your projector that exhibits flicker in low intensity mode.

    All UHP lamp projectors (and also all common non-incandescent non-LED electric lights) have ballasts.

    Most likely a repairman will suggest that you just use the high power mode or buy a new lamp (I should say ... and/or buy a new lamp when the old one gives out).

    How the ballast works:

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