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Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Aaron Cooke, May 9, 2002.

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    I have seen a few mentions in various posts about SVS intending to come out with a plus version of their PCi Subs. Can anyone point me towards whatever info currently exists on this product? I won't be ready to look at getting a sub until at least the end of the summer and i had been considering a SVS 16-46PCi. Will the plus version be out by then, what differences will there be, and what will the cost difference be are my primary questions.

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    Not sure what we even have posted on this on our site, but I know if you do some searches here you might find some info. Not much probably. Look for "PC-Plus" and you hit anythink I've said anyway (that's what it'll be called).
    In short, the PC-Plus will be configured exactly as the CS-Plus is (Tripower ports, easyswap grill, port tuning plug, and the very robust dB12 driver by TC-Sounds in California).
    Other than that it'll look (from the rear) very much like a PCi subwoofer. The amp will be something else however. Still a BASH amp from Indigo, this time it'll be more like 500-600 watts RMS, with adjustable phase (very handy if you are running dual subs in different locations in your room), plus a user adjustable subsonic filter. The latter, coupled with the included port blocker, allows some very flexible tuning options.
    Timing??? This is our "number one" project with Indigo. With luck we'll start taking pre-orders in June, but that's a guess based on the progress made to date. There are some pretty unusual aspects to this amp (not least of which is 4 separate subsonic points) so it could take longer to sort all that out.
    Prices, are expected to still be below $1,000, and all three "sizes" of SVS models should be available. We've not decided the final differential in cost from the PCi line. The PC-Plus should be more than competitive with anything in their price class (plus more than a few subs well above them in price).
    Hope this helps some.

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