influx of gear = DIY 6.1 questions

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    First not sure if this belongs in the DIY forum or not... except that it has to do with questions on setting up a DIY 6.1 system... Moderators, move this thread if necessary, just let me know where it goes! [​IMG]
    Anyway, my buddy Dan, who used to live in Seattle has moved back to CA, and is renting my second room from me. Except for our speakers, Dan and I have identical HT's: same TV (Tosh TW40H80), same dvd player (sony dvp-s7700), same Yamaha receiver (RX-V995). Where Dan out-did me was in the speaker department. His 5.1+ system consists of the following:
    2 Sound Dynamics RTS-P100's hybrid powered towers for front mains
    (25Hz-25kHz +/- 3dB)
    2 Sound Dynamics RTS-9's towers for rear/surrounds
    (34Hz-20KHz +/- 3dB)
    1 Sound Dynamics RTS-C2 center channel
    (47Hz-20kHz +/- 3dB)
    1 Sound Dynamics RTS-1000 10"/100W subwoofer
    (28Hz-100Hz +0,-3dB) this is identical to the Energy 10" sub.
    Also, he has
    2 Sound Dynamics RTS-RS-1 bipoles (formerly his surrounds now extra)
    (70Hz-20kHz +/- 3dB)
    Pictures and specs can be seen on the SD web site:
    So with all this extra gear, we have enough speakers and receivers to set up a nice DIY matrix 6.1 system, we hope.
    Anyway, here's the plan:
    Obviously we are going to use his speakers for the HT. (My speakers are the Energy Take5 + ES-8 system). We will use one of the two receivers to drive the rear/surround speakers in a 6.1 matrix es/ex setup. We'll use one of his spare bipolar speakers as the center surround speaker. Seems to me that a bipolar speaker would be ideal in a 6.1 configuration, since we can't do (no space and not enough amp'ed channels) a 7.1 setup.
    I am a little curious about using the pro-logic decoder of the extra Yamaha 995 receiver for matrix 6.1 decoding. What about the sound that the "ES/EX" Yamaha wants to send to it's "rear" speakers (that don't exist?) Will this sound just be lost? Will any sound even be extracted by the DPL decoder for these non-existant rears (since, theoretically, there shouldn't be much out of phase information in the SR and SL channels of a DD or DTS 5.1 mix)? Should I hook up the extra dipolar speaker to one of the surround outputs of the es/ex yammie? (only one would be needed since surround info from dpl is mono.) Where would this speaker be placed?
    I'm pretty sure that the 995 receiver does NOT have a "Dolby3" mode. The only matrix decoding it has is Dolby Pro Logic. Will the strong center channel steering of DPL be too much for a ex/es matrix 6.1 sound track?
    Also, how should we balance the levels?
    Anyway, Dan and I have a lot of fun tinkering to do in the next several days. Should be fun. Any suggestions or ideas are very welcome.
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    I found the best way to calibrate a system like this is to first calibrate it using VE/AVIA to get the levels balanced between the L/C/R/SR/SL speakers, and then use the THX optimizer on the TPM dvd to balance the surround back channel to the other rear channels. There arent any other setup discs that I know of that have EX/ES test tones.

    Im not sure about the signal from the rear channel on the EX/ES amp, connect a speaker to it and see how much information is present in that channel, then decide for yourself.


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