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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Ben Pevarski, Sep 25, 2005.

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    I've recently purchased a Samsung-R5067W DLP, a HSU Research VTF-3 HK 2, a DVD-HD850, and Klipsch SB-2 bookshelf speakers. I already have a pair of Klipsch Promedia speakers i'm going to use for rears for the time being, and a center from that same set. My parents bought a reciever for their home theater a year and a half ago but then upgraded shortly after. So the reciever i have for free is a RCA Professional Series STAV-3870. In the next year i'm going to be buying a pair of Klipsch Synergy Floorstand speakers for the fronts, and moving the bookshelf speakers to the rear, and a new center channel. Is this reciever good enough for this system? I also need information on what wires i need to connect everything, so i'll start a thread in the connection part... or you can comment on it here, and that'd be great too!
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    Assuming you are in a dorm or small apartment I think it is fine for while you are there. Some limitations are a lack of 7.1, only two digital inputs and no component switching. You don't need much: a digital cable from the DVD player to the reciever, speakerwire, video cables to go to your TV (assuming component, but don't know your TV model). Refer to your subwoofer manual to how to hook it up. I'm not familiar with that model so I don't know if it requires speaker or line level connection(s).

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