Inexpensive Easy to use DVD Player?

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  1. Glenn

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    I am looking for suggestions for inexpensive easy to use DVD player to give as gifts to my parents and in-laws for Christmas. I have searched and read several threads here already.

    My criteria is:

    Simple to operate.
    Remote = VERY simple to operate.
    inexpensive, in the $100 or so range.
    Can play VCD, SVCD and DVDR-
    single DVD player

    I only need rca audio/video outputs, no digital audio or component video required.

    That is all that I can think of right now.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Jesse Blacklow

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    Oct 14, 2002
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    The Daewoo SD-5700 or 5800 is available at either Costco or Sam's Club for ~$90. It has stereo audio and composite/svid outputs as well as component and coax digital output. It plays VCDs and SVCDs, as well as MP3s on CDR; it may play DVD-Rs, it can be made region-free from the remote, and has firmware that can be flashed via CDR. Check on the forums on for more info. Definitely not 'phile quality, but unless you have really good equipment it probably doesn't matter. I don't know what people here think of Daewoo, but it sounds like what you want. One warning though, if you get it at Sam's Club, you have to sign up before you can buy anything, which costs $35 (I think).
    I bought one, simply to replace my PS2 as DVD workhorse, and for SVCDs, which it plays just fine (it skips the first 1-2 seconds on them, but hey, it was cheap).
    There ya go. Dispense them as needed.

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