Inexpensive amplified S-video splitters? How about DIY kits?

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    OK the commercial amplified S-video splitters around here seem to be in the US$170 and up range.
    I'm prepared to spend that but are there cheaper solutions? How about this DIY option? This website seems to be using the product for their setup.
    This is for fairly low-mid end purposes (no HDTV or anything):
    I have a microscope with a camera, currently hooked up a single BNC cable strand to a monitor, which outputs the same via BNC to a second monitor. (The BNC is not the 5-wire type, but just the one wire, kinda like a coaxial cable.)
    I'd like to run S-video instead from the camera to both TVs, as well as an LCD projector. The video quality is GREATLY improved by S-video over that one BNC-type cable.
    Given the cost of the setup, a $200 amplified S-video 1-->4 splitter seems justified, but I'm wondering if I can save some money, and the idea that I can build my own intrigues me.
    Radio Shack doesn't seem to have anything of the sort. I've seen passive 2-way S-video splitters, but no 3-way splitters, and I've been told that passive splitters are big no-no for multiple simultaneous outputs.
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    Well, from the catalog:
    KR-103YC 1x3 SVideo amplifier: $135
    KR-105S 1x5 Distribution Amp: $150
    VM-3SXL 1x3 SVideo Distribution Amp: $126
    SVDA-1 1x4 Low Cost DA: $121
    The problem is a simple "Y" connector will not present the correct impedence and can cause reflections or attenuation of the signal in the cable. You really need some electronics to properly split the signal.

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