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    Hi Folks!

    I've been fortunate enough to purchase a new home currently under construction. I've had the electrician run speaker wires to each room. Now what I need is to purchase the speaker control unit so that I can control the speakers in each room (e.g. bedrooms, office, etc.) Each room will have in-ceiling speakers.

    Any recommendations for such a control unit without spending big bucks?


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    Feb 5, 2002
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    First, congrats on the new house! I bought a new house under construction a year ago. However, my timing was off by a couple months because all of the electrical and sheetrock had already been done.
    You may want to consider Elan whole house audio/communications systems--reputable company. Here's their web address:
    There is no mention of pricing here, but I bet you could contact a local Elan dealer to see what the components go for. There may be a dealer locator on their web site.
    Unsolicited word of advice, be sure your installer is cabling "home runs" as opposed to "daisy chains." In my house, the installer daisy chained all of the phone lines in the rooms. As a result, reception is crappy and I literally have to yell into the phone to be heard sometimes. Onthe audio side, daisy chaining can degrade the signal significantly, especially if there are long runs with mediocre cable.

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