Incubus 1965 OAR

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    According to imdb it's supposed to be 1.85:1. The Fox Lorber DVD however is 1.33:1. However, it seems strange that they went through so much effort to restore it and put commentaries on the disc for it to just be a pan and scan. So can anyone shine some light on the subject?
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    I just purchased this DVD, so I haven't yet looked at very much of it. If I had to guess about what's happened to the aspect ratio, I would assume that because it was mastered from the only surviving print, they were limited in what was available.

    My question is about the cover. I ordered the disc from a marketplace seller and the cover art is lightly different from that pictured on the amazon site. Mine has the title down in the lower half. The pictured cover on Amazon has the title in the upper half.



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