In-Wall vs. In-Ceiling for 7.1 side and rear

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Josh Mc, Mar 26, 2006.

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    Hello all,

    I have decided to go with either in-wall or in-ceiling for all of my surround speakers in a 7.1 setup. I have already purhchased a pair of Klipsch SCW-3 speakers, and am looking to buy a second pair if Vann's decides to restock them. If not, the second pair will be the SCW-2's with the smaller (6.5) woofer.

    My question is this: I'm not sure whether it would be more beneficial to install these speakers in the wall or the ceiling. They will be installed in the below pictured room on walls C, E, F, and H.


    The problem with the in-walls are the following: Outside walls, not very eye pleasing, and the rears would not be aligned on the same wall.

    The problem with in-ceilings: The rears would be firing straight down on the couch, with the left side firing straight down on the chair. Also, I'm not sure if the in-ceilings would have too much airspace in the ceiling joists.

    Would anyone care to help me out with this dilema?


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    I think I would prefer in-walls. I say this mostly due to calibration. Let's say the seat in front of "g" is your sweet spot. If you go with in-ceilings and calibrate the speaker at "c" to reference level from the sweet spot, it's going to be really, really loud to the person sitting in "c." I would go with in-walls about two feet down from the ceiling (or 7-8 feet above the floor if you have really high ceilings).

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