In Wall Speakers... What's your opinion???

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  1. Robert Barker

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    I'm helping a buddy set up a HT. He just ordered the Onkyo 797, and is now in the market for speakers. His home is pre-wired for in wall speakers. What would you consider the best bang for the buck for in wall speakers. He is looking to spend about 170.00 per pair. On option we have looked at are the Polk RC65i's. He will be getting a SVS 2039 PC for a sub.

    Do you guys and gals know of any other brand that will out perform the RC65i for the same price, or a bit cheaper?


    Robert Barker

    Austin TX
  2. John Garcia

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    Since it's not a simple matter when one wants to upgrade with in wall speakers, going cheap to start out will be a mistake.

    Paradigm makes very good in wall speakers.
  3. Don K

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    Dec 10, 2001
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    I listened to alot of inwalls since my wife won't allow anything on the floor. I finally settled on PSB 6X6.1 at $750 a pair retail. I know that is out of your price range but I did try Home Theater Direct inwall speakers and they were surpirsingly good. They are a small direct manufacture of speakers. They will send you the speakers to try and they will include a prepaid shipping label so if you don't like it, it will cost you nothing to return. They were so close to the PSB that I am using them as surrounds since they both had metal dome tweeters. They (W80) run around $160 a pair. The money I'm saving is going into buying a SVS sub.

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