In Wall Speakers for dedicated Home Theater

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    I will be building a new

    house soon, and will be building a home theater in the basement. I currently have a basement home theater, and will be doing some things differently this time.

    I will use a front projection unit, and would like to mount a perforated screen with in wall speakers behind the screen. I will use surround speakers, either in wall or wall mounted, on the sides and rear. I will have a subwoofer on the floor.

    My main reason for the in walls is to keep them away from little children (I'm a Daddy now.)

    Can anybody suggest some good models? I really don't listen to music in my current theater, so these would be for 100% movie and TV watching.

    Anything to keep in mind with in walls? Construction, bracing, padding?

    Thanks in advance for the good advice!
  2. Troy LaMont

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    If your really serious about doing some HT specific mods on your basement HT, I would recommend consulting with a specialist in your area (or the 'DIY' or 'Building A Home Theater' threads) first.
    They can offer some very insightful information on stuff you'd never know to take into consideration.
    Other than that, from my own personal theater thoughts here's what I'd consider (in order of personal preference);
    • Sound Bloc - or some similar type of sound damping material like this. This can be used between the studs and drywall (or outside of the drywall as a semi-finish) and can also be used under carpets.
    • Acoustic panels - hand made or store bought (which are usually 2-3 times as much). There's some good instruction on making your own here.
    Those were the two major things I thought about. Other than that, there's about another hundred room treatments that you can do to tweak the HT room.
    As far as speakers there are tons to chose from but here are some of the more 'popular' ones;
    There are more I'm sure, but those tend to be the most popular.
    Have a great time building your HT.

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