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In-Wall Ported Vs Sealed subs for home theater

Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by billwhitt, May 24, 2019.

  1. billwhitt

    billwhitt Auditioning

    May 24, 2019
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    Bill Whittenberger
    Kind of a novice looking to build a home theater. Very limited space will require me to go in wall and ceiling with the speakers.
    I was looking at the sonance R12SUB as it has a frequency response down to 25Hz, the lowest I can find for an in-wall sub.
    I was thinking 2 of these in the front of the room. (Also will be using sonance reference series for the front 3 speakers behind a projection screen, in ceiling for the rear, and either wall or ceiling for the surround.

    Room is 18x13 and I am working with the 13 feet from front wall to back. I would love to flip the room the other way but I can't.

    So the question is which is better; 2 ported in wall subs at 30Hz or 2 sealed at 25? Or am I looking at this wrong?

    Also, one of the reasons I am doing sonance is because I get excellent dealer pricing that I do not get on other brands. I have used sonance in the past and have been please with the results.

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