In wall - in foundation wiring ?

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Steve_Corrick, May 11, 2005.

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    Building my first and hopefully last new house,
    I will be placing TV/Surround setup in the living room.

    Room has vaulted ceiling in a 25 x 16 open plan combo DR - kitchen - LR. A 5' high wall divides what I see being the back or seating 1/2 of the two areas. Photo is from smaller house - ignore dimensions shown - FP is the same layout. I plan on placing TV-stereo on MB wall, side surrounds by front door and end of divider wall, rear surrounds opposite of TV.

    General layout.
    Speakers - Green
    Tv - Blue
    Stereo - Yellow
    Furniture - Red
    Possible conduit - Orange


    Concrete slab foundation - With cathedral ceiling. Should I have pvc or "conduit" placed in the slab to accommodate wiring under the "slab" floor starting behind stereo in the wall at a double gang box, going to these locations so I can pull speaker wire continuing up in the walls to single gang receptacles at these locations as required ?
    Surround by front door can be run in wall. A straight run under the floor would be a lot shorter than going up and over and then down from a cathedral ceiling though!

    Never been through construction and I'm not at all familiar with slab foundation construction I know once it's in it's going to be hard - eh ? impossible to change it !

    Almost forgot !
    Recommendations for in wall speaker wire - I've been checking httP://WWW.AudioAdvisor.Com and possibly In-wall wire. Sounds a bit pricey for me - but it's a long term investment. IMHO Cobalt makes good - reasonably priced - well built IC's and speaker cables, I like mine.
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    There’s no good reason to run high-priced wiring for the rear speakers.

    Other things you might want to consider, a dedicated circuit for the HT gear.

    Also, I don’t see a subwoofer for your rig. With this floor plan I suggest putting one in the front right corner. Have them drop an electrical outlet there (tied in to the dedicated circuit) and also run an in-wall connection cable. That way you won’t have any cables for the sub draped across the floor.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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